The more we get down the road with the left’s clear mission to jail as many people as necessary until one flips and gives them an impeachable offense to drive President Trump from the White House, the more curious it becomes that President Trump is doing nothing to stop it.

President Trump is in the driver’s seat. I know he would prefer to wait until after the midterm elections to make any bold movement for fear of giving the Democrats and their official communications division, aka the mainstream media, any opening to damage the campaigns of Republican congressional candidates, whose losses at the polls could mean Democrat majorities in one or both chambers and impeachment for the president. I understand that any bold move now is dangerous.

However, doing nothing in the face of the Cohen plea deal is far more dangerous. It is said that you can indict a ham sandwich, which is true. You can also impeach a ham sandwich.

Now, we discover this! Deputy Director Swamp Rat just made my case, ordering the only potential friend President Trump has in the Southern District of New York, to recuse himself. This, from the man who didn’t find it necessary to recuse himself from the Russian collusion fairy tale despite his own many conflicts, including signing the FISA applications to initiate the surveillance of President Trump.

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President Trump apparently cannot find a friend in his own Department of Justice, which has now become a national security risk, in my opinion.

Were I advising President Trump, based upon what we know now, I would make the following recommendations:

Flip the field with these actions, some immediate, others after the midterms….

1. Fire Sessions and Rosenstein NOW! They have made the US Department of Justice a global punch line, the laughing stock of the free world. Banana republics and cartels are taking notes on how to install a friendly AG.

2. Fire Mueller NOW! I believe Mueller turned over the Cohen prosecution to the Southern District of New York so that the case would survive his eventual firing. “The Fixer” will have done his job and will be happy to fade away.

3. After the midterms, appoint a Pit Bull AG like Gowdy or Giuliani. Both will be first-class swamp drainers.

4. Use the power of the pardon to your advantage. Do this now. Tell Cohen and Manafort and anyone else who may wind up prosecuted for the remainder of this witch hunt that they will receive a full pardon for anything they are convicted of resulting from Mueller’s witch hunt. Don’t do this by private message. Announce it openly on Fox News and Twitter. “For any and all parties who are targeted in the Mueller witch hunt to take down this presidency, let me assure you that you will be fully pardoned of anything resulting from Mueller’s unethical and immoral persecution and prosecution.”

“But,” you say, “Cohen has already flipped.” True. Flip him back. The belief that Cohen will not accept a pardon from President Trump, which is the story Lanny Davis is peddling, is ridiculous! If he accepted 3 to 5 years in prison to avoid 20 or 30, he will certainly accept zero days in prison to avoid 3 to 5 years. His only concern is himself. Use that! If he flips back, pardon him of everything, including lying to the FBI in his original testimony implicating President Trump.

5. After the midterms, have your new AG begin rounding up the swamp rats and charging them with seditious conspiracy, which their actions have clearly been. Be sure to include George Soros in that bunch and freeze his assets while you are at it and disband his many treasonous organizations.

President Trump has the power to save himself. For the sake of his own survival, he must use it.

Much of this, of course, depends upon the GOP maintaining control of both chambers of Congress, which I fully expect, especially if President Trump demonstrates the strength and will to drain the swamp as outlined above.

That’s my dream and I’m sticking to it!