There are only a handful of members of Congress I consider true patriots. Representative Matt Gaetz is at the top of that list.

Like Louie Gohmert, Matt isn’t really a Republican. He is a patriot. Big difference! The former owes it allegiance to the party. The latter owes its allegiance to the American people.

Likewise, Paul Rino is not a Republican. He is a swamp rat of the first rank, owing his allegiance to any and all who benefit him personally. And, patriots are getting tired of it! Many, like yours truly, have been calling for Paul “John Boner Light” Rino to be removed from the Speaker’s chair with all due haste.

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Watch the video below as Gaetz and Lou Dobbs tag team Paul Rino, pile-driving the miserable swamp rat while very accurately describing him as the traitor he has proven himself to be.

It is very good to see the rhetoric condemning the swamp rats increase in volume and intensity. I expect that shortly after the midterm elections, should the GOP maintain their congressional majorities, which I fully expect, to see the growing anti-swamp rhetoric resulting in many indictments, prosecutions, and convictions, which will only happen after card-carrying swamp rat Jeff Sessions has been replaced by a patriot. Then, Katie, bar the door!

Rep. Matt Gaetz: I’ve come on your show before and defended Paul Ryan when I’ve agreed with him, but there is no defense today for Paul Ryan siding with the FBI and Department of Justice against those of us in the Congress who are working for transparency and accountability. Devin Nunes, for example, has been asking for a year for the documents that go to the very heart of this Trump/Russia hoax.

As we sit here today, Lou, members of Congress have not seen the documents that show why this investigation even began.

But, here’s what we know – that Australian diplomat, Mr. Downer – he lied! He said this information came through the Australian Ambassador to the United States and that’s how it got to the FBI, and we found out that isn’t true. So, one liar gave information to Peter Strzok who’s already had to be demoted because he’s like the head of the Never Trump movement over at the Deep State.

And there is no way any criminal prosecution can ever be brought against this president based on the bias and the mishandling of evidence. But, instead of our Speaker standing with us and putting the focus on the FBI’s refusal to turn over documents so that we can perform our oversight duty, instead, he was defending the FBI. And, that’s deeply frustrating to me, and, we need the Speaker to be an institutionalist of the Congress and not to be a defender of the Deep State…. 

Another area, Lou, is to have real accountability when it comes to the crimes of the Clinton family and the Clinton Foundation. We have the Majority Leader, the Majority Whip, Mr. Gowdy, even, Mr. Goodlatte, the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee, all calling for a second Special Counsel, and the silence from our very own Speaker is deafening.

Speaker Ryan needs to step up, he needs to join us in a call for a second Special Counsel, and for goodness sake, stop defending the FBI’s collection of intelligence on the Trump campaign when they refuse to give us the documents to show whether or not they broke the law. We already know the FBI and Department of Justice broke their own procedures….

We know that Rod Rosenstein violated the Woods procedures before the FISA court when he didn’t disclose that Christopher Steele had been terminated by the FBI for lying, and yet they were asking a court to continue to rely on his statements.

So, time and again, we need stronger leadership from our Speaker supporting the work of those of us who are fighting in the trenches to get real answers for the American people.

Lou Dobbs: Let me ask you, Congressman, why in the world would your conference not say, “That’s enough? Mr. lame duck Speaker, get the hell out of the office. You’re going to send us to Perdition and to destruction in the midterm elections.”

This man doesn’t have a plan, he doesn’t have a strategy, he doesn’t raise money that any other Speaker couldn’t raise, he certainly is not a strategic thinker, he is anti-Trump, he has been so throughout, he is a disaster, and the disaster is going to consume your party, do you not agree, if he is left in that speakership?

Rep. Matt Gaetz: Well, Lou, you know I run in the more conservative circles of the House, and I have never up until this point heard a single person talk about removing Speaker Ryan from the speakership. Today, for the first time, I was hearing colleagues say, “Well if Speaker Ryan won’t stand with us in this fight over the essentials of our democracy, not weaponizing an intelligence community against a presidential campaign, you know, do we need to look at other choices?” So I think that remains a lingering question, and you’re starting to see more frustrations bubbling to the top because we need that leadership,