The heat continues to get closer to Barack Hussein in the Wiregate scandal. According to Judge Napolitano, among the most brilliant legal minds in America, Barack Hussein should be charged with a felony if what we know so far is confirmed.

I could not agree more, but I think the charge should be treason, not simply abuse of power, and should result in Hussein, Hitlery, and many others doing the long tour at Leavenworth.

Stuart Varney: The Obama administration used the machinery of government to intimidate his opponents in the 2012 election using the IRS. They got away with it. Nothing happened! Same thing again now?

Judge Napolitano: That’s a felony. If the Obama administration used the subterfuge of national security to surveil Donald Trump and pass that information on to Hillary or her people or anybody else, that’s a felony, and whoever did that ought to be indicted.