By far the most entertaining part of the 2016 presidential election was the reaction of liberal weenies from sea to shining sea as the election returns continued to come in and continued, state by state, to break their bleeding hearts as Americans voted overwhelmingly to Make America Great Again.

Elouai, a videographer, popular on YouTube, put together this awesome and hilarious clip of liberal reactions as their 100% confidence that the Wicked Witch of Benghazi would be the new president, and who literally laughed at the suggestion that Donald Trump could be elected, began to fade amid the realization that they were so wrong and it was a new America now, one where the middle class had a champion, not the completely out-of-touch celebrities and talking head elitists.

How ironic is it that it took a billionaire to save America’s middle class (there really is no lower class in America, as anyone who has ever visited a third-world country will attest), which confirms the fact that the bazillionaire elitists don’t have to be out of touch with mainstream America (Donald Trump isn’t). They are out of touch because they want to be. They must hold their breath in public as much as possible to avoid breathing the same air as the rest of us.

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The black gentleman in the last scene, laughing hysterically, is Henry Davis from Missouri, who has had another recent video, below, go viral.

In this latest video, Davis, fighting back his tears, simply proclaims his love for being American and his undying gratitude for President Trump and all that he has done for our country.

Davis’ deeply emotional video has earned him an invitation to the White House to meet President Trump and also a position on the president’s Urban Revitalization Team, should he accept it.

Following is the original video of Henry Davis laughing in the faces of liberal weenies who were wailing and pulling their hair out at the thought of an America First president. Morons!