Just when you think the disease that is the Democrat Party can’t become any more progressive (as it were), a liberal stands up and shocks us all. All except fellow Democrats, that is. Nothing is shocking to them anymore.  There is no concept evil enough to not be taken seriously.

Case in point: At a recent town hall held by the most liberal of liberals, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a female (apparently, but, who knows, it could have been any one of 57 genders) constituent stood up and announced to all in attendance that our poor planet has only a few months left before the carbon dioxide we are all breathing into the atmosphere reaches the tipping point and we are finished as a species. Done. Kaput.

Her solution: Start eating babies. NOW! We can’t wait to start eating babies because we have only a few months left. We must start eating babies immediately to prevent them from breathing their share of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, thus allowing the rest of us to survive. I guess.

All liberals in attendance appeared to accept her solution. Not one interrupted her to tell her that she is stark-raving nuts. Not even the congresswoman herself, or themselves, or whatever.