Keep the faith, patriots. Justice is coming!

Since Bill Clinton and his bride, the Wicked Witch of Benghazi, slimed their way into the White House, our nation’s capital has become a cesspool, filled with corrupt, criminal, self-serving parasites, not the least bit afraid of breaking America’s laws, as they  believed that they were shielded by the might of the Democrat establishment political machine.

During sixteen years of profligate corruption in the Clinton and Obama administrations, separated by eight years of Look-the-other-way Bush, the beltway swamp has grown to an enormously dangerous level.

President Trump vowed to drain that swamp. It isn’t easy, it isn’t pretty, and for the many players on the left who have benefitted from the corruption and believed that they could never be taken down, it will be uncomfortable, painful even. The penalty for treason is dear.

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US Attorney John Durham was given by Attorney General Bill Barr the task of conducting a full “review” of the origins of the Obama administration’s “spying” on presidential candidate and private citizen Donald Trump before, during, and after the 2016 presidential election. It is not to the benefit of the many guilty parties in the Obama administration that their target is now the President of the United States.

Ostensibly, due to evidence in DOJ Inspector General Horowitz’s findings into the Russiagate scandal, John Durham’s “review” has just been elevated to a full-scale criminal investigation, complete with new authority to subpoena documents and witnesses for sworn testimony, file criminal charges, and impanel a grand jury, an enormous expansion of power and authority.

And, the swamp rats know it! They are running scared. They have done their best to stop this president, to remove him. They have bashed him, trashed him, and maligned him in every method and manner they could invent, their mouthpieces in the complicit mainstream media unable to sway the jury, We the People, in the court of public opinion.

Soon, it will be time for the swamp rats to pay the price for their seditious conspiracy.