Well done, Nancy!

No wonder the Democrats are screaming for Nancy Pelosi to retire already. She sticks her foot not only in her own mouth every time she speaks, but also in the mouths of every Democrat candidate running for office in November.

Probably the stupidest (or “most stupid” if you prefer – both are proper) thing any Democrat can say to We the People since President Trump’s historic tax cuts is, “We are going to take them away from you.”

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But, that’s exactly what Nancy Pelosi just said. In her multi-bazillionaire world, made possible for her and her elite circle by We the People, these crumbs are more needed by her and the voracious beast we know as our federal government than by the people to whom they actually belong.

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Batshit crazy!

Consider the following videos as evidence of the impact of these “crumbs:”


These are real people from flyover country who Nancy Pelosi believes do not deserve their crumbs, that the crumbs would be much better spent by her and her fellow morons inside the beltway; who give that money to undeserving strangers in return for votes.

There are many more millions of everyday, hard-working Americans who are likewise grateful for President Trump’s tax cuts.