By Madame Defarge

Will history repeat itself or at least rhyme?

History was changed in Athens in 507 BC.  The beginning of a major development in government that has sparkled for 2,500 years.  The last tyrant was overthrown and a true democracy was inaugurated.

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Its first defense came at Marathon and it ended at Aegospotami 170 years later.  Later the Greek idea was modified by Rome and after 200 years was snuffed out by Augustus Caesar and a peoples’ government did not rear her head until 1776.

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In all three cases Athens, Rome and the USA the battle is between the wealthy Globalists and those that wish to be left alone with their own lives.  Unfortunately, we have seen the Athenians and Romans fall to greed while we are in danger from greed and the religion of socialism.

Since Athens and Rome fell to greed alone, we probably cannot defeat greed and religion.

As our constitution allows for no state religion, I wonder if we could eliminate socialism from society on those grounds?  It is possibly logical but certainly not so realistically.  There are too many people that are in the employ of the state.  The emotional devastation wrought in our academic class alone would be horrifying to behold however amusing.

Cicero discussing traitors within the walls was quite correct in his conclusions.  We are in the unenviable position of having enemies both within and without.  Americans have traditionally stepped up to address societal ills but have always had faith that there were no enemies behind them.

Today we have a minor flu virus that is providing camouflage for our destruction by the enemies within.  These consist of economic and political varieties.  The financial problems are now acute rising from a cabal of Globalists and their lackeys.  Also, we have the problem of the whole world finally being exposed to the abundance of resources available using the quasi-capitalist system in the US as a model.

When we began our march to save the world 60 years ago, there were billions of primitives starving all over the planet.  Today we have more than doubled the population which creates a rather restive group of malcontents.  The evil US foodstuffs have allowed more people to be fed than ever before yet the complaints still rise.

In the Ecuadorian jungle a few years ago an individual asked his guide about the natives’ feelings on socialism or capitalism.  His employment mask momentarily fell away.  He stated that it really made no difference to them.  All they wanted was a chance to feed their people and family. They could never have any of the things being discussed. There was no time to debate systems of government even if they could understand them.  They just want to be left alone.  So much for changing the world by the elite.

Our self identified cosmopolitan sophisticates are just a group of itinerate preachers that tolerate no deviation from their dogma.  Unfortunately, they are employees of the same boss as the media groups and we have to suffer through their monologs.

The most interesting information is in a situation that could easily refute my argument is possibly arising.  There are people all over the country that are ignoring the commands of their betters.  They are going to church, going for walks, work and socializing.  It is becoming apparent that all of the expert analysis was totally wrong.  The numbers that were used to justify the lockdowns have been proved false.

There are hospitals that have a very low census which of course means empty beds.  The exceptions are NY, LA and Atlanta.  Even they are more than 50% below the hysterical pronouncements of the media group’s controllers.

If the people realize that they have been lied to and their livelihoods destroyed by a political program, they may stand up and sharpen the guillotine.  Joy of joys!