By Alison Nichols

Is America tiptoeing into Totalitarianism? Yes, it is, and strangely, some amongst us seem not to care. Doomsday predictions have scared many Americans into submission and the belief that they must be locked-up until a vaccine is available.

The disparity between the reactions from the right with those on the left is curious. It is not cut and dry, but approximately 77% of Democrats express concern about opening America too soon. By contrast, about 39% of Republicans worry that it is too soon. This particular poll (NBC/WSJ telephone poll) also revealed that there is more anxiety over the Virus on the left than the right.

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One can’t help wondering if the dishonest flap jaw media on the left has successfully scared their loyal readers, watchers, and listeners into submission. Although we know that the genesis of the shutdown came from sketchy models based on thin information, the media on the left is still running with false information.

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While we accept clashes of ideology from commentators, the blatant lies coming from the media on the left, posing as journalists, is exposing a cesspool of socialist foot soldiers. The manufactured doom and gloom has its purpose—-keep the country locked down, out of work and dependent on government help. But why? Could it be that the otiose media on the left have no clue what the general public is experiencing? After all, the missiles of ignorance are coming from people who still receive a paycheck.

Or better, could it be that those in the media who continue to wallow in the drumbeat of negativity have a more cunning Agenda? If one listens carefully to the rhetoric coming from Democrat politicians and their acolytes in the media, you will understand their mentality and Agenda. They parrot back all propaganda coming from the communist China regime, the deceitful World Health Organization, the reckless CDC and, seem not to care that America is facing an economic disaster.

Concurrent with the health crisis, the same people who continue their scaremongering are advocating for bigger government. They enthusiastically support tracking and surveilling by the government, talk of the “new normal,” forced quarantine, encouragement of neighbors turning in neighbors for not obeying and, control over every aspect of life.

We are getting a taste of what it is like to live in a police state. One wonders if Democrat politicians and their loyal media understand that it is the archetypal Marxist/globalist George Soros who is directing traffic on the left. It is his goal to take away property rights, individual rights, and freedom.

And what is the genesis of the Soros draconian plan to control the world? If you examine the blueprint outlined in the UN Agenda 2030, you will understand. Agenda 2030 dovetails with Agenda 21, the “covenant” hatched at the UN in 1987 that aims at taking control of our daily lives. It includes our private property, our civil liberties, and individual rights under the guise of “social justice.”

Agenda 21 introduced an eco-spiritual Agenda advocating for a small group of people, on the local level first, to force anti-American policies down our throats. It grants local government dominion over the people rather than the government working for the people. In a nutshell, the global warming hysteria, also based on sketchy models, justifies the right to enforce over-arching and strangling regulations.

The desire for a Totalitarian world put forth in both Agenda 21 (local control) and Agenda 2030 (the master plan for Global Socialism) outstrips any concern for America’s present system based on Freedom and Liberty. Although agenda 2030 runs simultaneously with Agenda 21, it is far more sinister.

The Agenda, released in 2015, is the roadmap for global government enslavement of humanity. It has as its goal, the end of world poverty. In truth, it is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It is the work of new world order enthusiast, e.g., Soros, the United States Democrat leadership, the left-wing media, Bill Gates, Doctor Fauci, and legions of uninformed followers, advocating for giving total power to the socialist vanguard—not the citizens of sovereign nations.

A few noteworthy nuggets in the UN plan to take control of national policies are the plan to restrict the world population and put everyone on welfare. Be careful when you hear socialist vanguard Bill Gates claim that normalcy will return only after vaccinating the whole world. It is he who bankrolled the evil idea of entire earth surveillance satellites. To add to the current outrage, some power-hungry Democrat Governors are placing ludicrous restrictions on their constituents, and the complicit left-wing media is willingly supporting their objectives.

The bad news is that the Globalist/socialists amongst us are trying to use the Covid-19 Virus to flex their socialist muscle. The good news is, however, that Americans are Free People and, we have witnessed over and over again that most American citizens will never accept the imposition of socialism. While most Americans were willing to take precautions to “flatten the curve,” do socialist foot soldiers believe that Americans, born free with civil liberties, will cave to their desire to grab absolute power? Never.

Alison Nichols M.Div., psychoanalyst (retired), Yale Divinity School, Blanton Peale Graduate Institute