Among the few sane voices in the coronavirus hysteria lately comes from Powdered Wig reader Renee H who emailed me her “favorites” list of fellow sane voices commenting on an article in The Conservative Treehouse on the San Feces (San Francisco) government’s totalitarian, knee-jerk reaction to the coronavirus, a mandated citywide 24/7 quarantine, which the more cynical warn is a pre-planned test by the government to see just how far they can push the citizenry into submission. While I believe the jury is still out on that motive, doubters would be wise to study history.

Indeed, San Feces Mayor London Breed has commanded a mandatory, citywide quarantine of all San Fran residents until April 7. According to the mayor’s order, residents may leave their homes only for doctor’s visits and trips to the grocery store.

From Renee H

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Last night I selected the following interesting reader comments out of approximately 600 posts of The Conservative Treehouse’s article on the San Francisco quarantine of ALL residents.

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I am an OTR trucker, I have been out on the road for over a month this trip so far. Been to Washinton state (Seattle) twice, three times crossed over into Canada from the West coast all the way to Saskatoon and a whole bunch of states in between. I have yet to see or hear about even ONE person who has this virus. More people die from peanut allergies in a year (in the U.S.) than have died from this so far. People that work in the truck stops were not even talking about it until the last few days when they started closing schools. That is creating a problem due to child care. This whole thing is purposely getting blown out of proportion. Tell these mayor’s to F— off and ignore their BS.

Oh!!! The humanity. If this were the epidemic it is claimed to be. The homeless body count would be through the roof is the Northwest covid19 hot zone. In addition, if it were true, the total number of infected would already have exploded exponentially since it can live on surfaces for an extended period of time, it would have been transmitted without abandon through the use of POS terminals in 10’s of thousands of locations around the country. I don’t see anyone cleaning these terminals after each use.

What about the people who work the grocery stores? Hmmm? They see everyone, handle money and food and shopping carts…they are not worried.

Grateful being told to stay home? I cannot understand that, unless you are 12 or really scared. Being TOLD how to live your life, because other people are scared. LOL.
People giving up their liberties for peace and safety, deserve NEITHER.

Sorry, but I have read nothing yet about this Wu han Flu that convinces me it is worth the collapse of our Republic. There is way too much evidence that although it is very serious, it is not as bad as previous flu epidemics.  I trust and support our President Trump 100% but this has become a runaway train and the Dirty Dems are taking full advantage of the situation to get over on us. If they were really concerned about actual HEALTH ISSUES then why the hell have they allowed the filthy dirty HOMELESS junkies and mental patients to take over their streets?? Also- what about what just happened at the airports? That was completely out of control. For all we know they just let out thousands of infected people to roam all over the country. It seems that as usual with the Left, there are always two sets of rules one for them one for us.

“Monitored visits to the grocery stores” WTH? Monitor by who? The virus police? It will be interesting to see how far the people will let them go.

Nobody thinks any of these 2 bit politicians care about the folks. This is a quarantine of the rabble to protect the uber class. They’re indispensable, just ask them!

Now with all of our quarantine Trump will not be able to hold the rallies that Biden cannot hold a finger to, and Biden will not be able to embarrass himself in front of whatever crowd he can draw.

Virus seems like too many birds with one stone to be coincidence:
– disrupt economy
– test run totalitarian measures
– speculation: end Trump rallies -> Biden exits public consciousness, would have been routine target of ridicule at Trump rallies, no rallies = people forget Biden -> with Biden no longer on people’s minds, it becomes easier amidst the chaos and within the vacuum for people to accept when he’s replaced with an unelected, appointed candidate

I’ve slowly come to the conclusion that the goals of the ChiComms in stopping the unrest in HK and the goals of the Dem tyrants and international globalist bankers in ridding themselves of orange man bad and putting the rest of us under their boot merged into a global bioweapon.

Illegals pouring into liberal utopia packing all kinds of diseases. Tuberculosis, small pox, measles, and polio. Everyone of those listed above are far deadlier yet they fling open the doors to the state and all the taxpayers money. Wuhan flu comes along and they shut the whole place down, why? They think by doing this they can get all the money they want from the rest of the country. California is about to be completely bankrupt and wanting a bailout. Watch and see.

This is getting weird. We aren’t being told the whole truth. A pandemic in which we have had only 70 USA deaths in 4 months? All causulaties are seniors with health issues. Why aren’t people dying in the streets? Pandemics increase geometrically not additionally. This isn’t making sense. a contagion that is not deadly and we are shutting down the country? Have the aliens decided to land soon?

A total of 79 deaths in the U.S. of which 20 were in 49 states outside of Washington State while 60,000 Americans died last winter from the common flu. This is Trump Impeachment 2.0 and I hope President Trump realizes it. Guaranteed that the Kung Flu virus will end the day after Joe Biden wins the 2020 election!

The most trusted name in flus

This just isn’t making sense. No matter how stupid I think most people are in general, and no matter how cynical I am of trusting anything coming from TPTB, it still makes no sense that this is SO widespread and seemingly WAY overblown right now. WHY? If this is as ridiculous as it appears to most of us (here in the Treehouse and similar places), then WHY is it happening…. WHO will benefit? We know a whole lot of people and businesses and organizations will NOT benefit, will in fact be seriously harmed… and yet most are just going along. ???

This is not about a virus, this is about totalitarian control. The left is wounded and cornered and that is when every animal is their most fierce. It’s time to realize we may soon swap places with them.

Absolutely not about a virus. It’s a test to see what the average level of stupidity is in the country today and a test to see just how far we are willing to be illegally pushed around.

I am already hearing grumbling from people who are not red pilled. Everyone I know is saying the same thing— if this is so serious, how come nobody is dying? Just some mysterious people in a few nursing homes? This is not adding up. My tinfoil hat is missing. Big online school comments about a shutdown. Because one alleged cafeteria worker that no one knows has it. Universities are closing down and going online for the entire semester. WTF!

America just died in San Francisco. And with a whimper. Who is complaining about this there?

These leftists want a collapse of society. This needs to be halted by courts or the Feds.

Does the law apply to everyone, or just the productive citizens? Where are all the sidewalk poopers gonna poop?  Where are all the junkies gonna get their next fix?
Are the illegals also subject to this restriction, or is San Fran Feces still a ‘Sanctuary’ city, where the illegals can break the laws and walk away laughing as usual?

Keep in mind, the Deep State exists in the CDC as well.

These governors are basically declaring an open season on all fruits of someone else’s labors: how long till all the illegals, homeless and drug addicts make a run at all the stores, looting, demolishing, vandalizing and setting on fire to cover their tracks? I give it a few hours, at the most. The next logical step will be Martial Law declarations throughout these states – and considering it with a cool head, I believe this is the ultimate aim behind these decisions.

We are all frogs being conditioned for the water to boil.

This is way overblown and I have no fear. Why you ask? For God has not given us a spirit of fear! Pray.

They’ll destroy America by crushing small biz, driving the eCONomy into a deep depression, to get back power. It’s THAT important to them. They’ll do anything to destroy Trump.

America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves. –-Abraham Lincoln

“The nation – the world – is in danger. Therefore, you must give up your freedoms. When this utterly and quickly destroys the businesses upon which you rely, you must rely upon Us … Your Government. Only We, operating at the Federal, State, and Local levels, know how to Protect You. And we can punish you and imprison you if you dare not let us Protect You.” All of this has happened before. Some of the most-bloodiest times in our collective world history have followed from it. And yet, the keys remain ready for yet another evil player to touch them once again. “Those who learn not the lessons of History are doomed to repeat them.”

Or what? Will violators be shot on sight? Arrested? Fined? Is this what was planned all along? A compliant public that will become used to losing freedoms?