I am no conspiracy theorist, but until someone can convince me otherwise, coronavirus appears to be a major nothingburger compared to past pandemic viruses, as well as a politically-engineered ploy to influence the 2020 US presidential election.

We need look no farther than how coronavirus and its attendant hysteria compare to past viral pandemics. In the interest of brevity, I have chosen only one such past pandemic with which to compare coronavirus – the swine flu pandemic of 2009-2010.

As of this writing, there have been 134,717 confirmed cases of coronavirus which have resulted in 4,979 deaths, mostly of older patients, many of whom died from complications associated with other pre-existing health conditions. You can keep track of coronavirus casualties HERE. By the way, during the same time period, coronavirus has killed a small fraction of those who succumbed to the regular flu.

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According to verywellhealth.com, swine flu is the name for the influenza type A virus that affects pigs (swine). Although swine flu doesn’t typically affect humans, there was a global outbreak (pandemic) in 2009–2010, the first flu pandemic in more than 40 years. It was caused by a then-new flu virus known as H1N1, a type A influenza virus that’s a combination of swine, avian (bird), and human genes that mixed together in pigs and spread to humans.

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H1N1 is now considered a normal type of seasonal flu and is included in the flu vaccine.


H1N1 was first detected in April 2009 in a 10-year-old girl in California. It was declared a global pandemic in June 2009 by the World Health Organization (WHO) and was finally over in August 2010.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that swine flu infected nearly 61 million people in the United States and caused 12,469 deaths. Worldwide, up to 575,400 people died from pandemic swine flu.

So, you ask, how is any of this proof that coronavirus is a grand conspiracy invented to influence the 2020 presidential election and defeating President Trump?

I can’t offer proof, only evidence. Please bear with me as I connect the dots.

Coronavirus originated in China. Does China have anything to gain by defeating President Trump?


The Chinese economy was on fire before President Trump assumed command and promptly imposed import tariffs, requiring Chinese manufacturers to pay for access to the American consumer market, as I advocated in 2013 (here), long before Donald Trump was on the presidential radar.

Today, the Chinese economy is struggling to stay afloat. With Trump out of the way and Brainless Joe in the White House, the tariffs on the Chinese will be removed and they will be given full permission again to screw American manufacturers and workers with their sweatshop labor market.

Of course, the Chinese could never achieve such a colossal goal as displacing a US president without a solid marketing plan.

Enter the Trump-hating American mainstream media. Do they hate Donald Trump? I refuse to dignify that question with an answer that you already know.

All the mainstream media has to do to fulfill its role in the grand conspiracy is to create hysteria and feed it to the public 24/7. This is a true testament to the power of the media. It can, indeed, change history on a daily basis, and they are doing it.

Those in the mainstream media spend every waking minute scheming to end the Trump presidency. It is clear and the talking heads in the MSM are open and unapologetic about it.

While we may never be able to prove that a conspiracy exists between the Trump haters in China, the mainstream media, and the Democratic Party, which there is nothing Democratic about, I believe it is evident that at least a loosely coordinated effort exists to damage the US economy with this manufactured coronavirus hysteria and place the blame on President Trump. The motive and evidence are clear.

My advice to those still trembling in fear over this media manipulation is to put your fear aside and go about your daily routine unaffected by the hysteria. If you want to do something to make yourself safer, take that surgical mask off of your face and throw away your car keys. 3,287 people worldwide die every day in car crashes. That is many, many times more victims than from coronavirus.

If the Trump haters would go to this level of evil to remove a sitting president, terrifying hundreds of millions of people, would they hesitate even a second to arrange delivery of a suitcase nuke to terrorists to kill hundreds of thousands of innocent people, then blame it on President Trump?

No, they wouldn’t!

UPDATE (3/16/2020): Next, watch for the “reported” numbers of those infected and those dead by coronavirus to rise dramatically, throwing more gasoline on the hysteria fire.

Businesses are closing, meaning their employees are going unpaid.  Schools are closing, leaving many parents with no choice but to stay home from work to care for their children. They too must learn to survive without paychecks. The Trump haters are working overtime in an effort to tank the economy.