I know the Republicans are all meek and timid and would never dare challenge anyone’s integrity, but for God’s sake, ladies and gentlemen, you are being lied to by a Trump-hating pussyhatter and Democrat operative whose story has more holes it than a screen door, and you are still treating her like she deserves to be heard, because, after all, she has an airtight case.

NO, SHE DOESN’T! It is no case. There is zero evidence of what she claims, she has named four witnesses who she says were there, all four refute her story outright and have declared “under penalty of felony,” as Judge Kavanaugh pointed out, that they have no knowledge of any such party ever taking place, including her close friend at the time.

And, there are, apparently, a few character witnesses who have agreed to testify that poor, innocent victim Christine Ford was actually a promiscuous teenage binge drinker and neighborhood hosebag.

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What do you need to get on with this? Do a quick whip count, and if you have the votes, for crying out loud, confirm the man!