THIS is funny and made funnier (and sadder) by accurately reflecting the real world we live in today.

The set up is a cop, who happens to be black, on patrol at night. He is called to check out suspicious activity at the local Bulletproof Glass Company.

With gun drawn, our hero approaches the building cautiously. As he slowly makes his way past a bulletproof window, he is alarmed by his own reflection in the window, the reflection of a black man with a gun pointed directly at him.

The officer warns the suspect to drop the gun, then within less than a second, opens fire. The bullet ricochets off the bulletproof glass and strikes our hero near the groin.

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Writhing on the ground in pain, the officer is vocally fearful that he has disabled his favorite appendage, but grateful that no one was around to witness his embarrassing faux pas, although the glass company’s security cameras caught it all on high-def video.

In no time, the video makes its way to CNN execs, who, being the race-baiting whores that they are, trot out their most venomous talking heads to scream with the most righteous indignation at yet another rogue cop who has shot an innocent black man.

Another social justice movement is born, the mantra of which is the four word prayerful plea of the innocent black man as he lay bleeding and in pain on the sidewalk.

Please share. Everyone should see and enjoy this video and condemn fake news CNN and the rest of the fake news mainstream media for intentionally deepening the racial divide.

Warning: Foul language

H/T Clash Daily