There, but for the grace of God, go all of us.

Paul Manafort has spent the past several months in a jail cell, all because Robert Mueller is a foul bit of feces and a swamp rat of the first rank, desperately trying to break Manafort into testifying against President Trump, Mueller’s true target.

Mueller is banking on the hope that Manafort’s freedom is more important to him than the truth and that he will say anything, no matter how true, to give Mueller an opening to indict President Trump for ANYTHING.

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Indeed, Mueller and his fellow swamp rats are fighting for their very survival. President Trump and We the People intend to put every one of the filthy sons-and-daughters-of-bitches in cages, and they know it.

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The Democrat Party’s official communications division, otherwise referred to as the mainstream media, card-carrying swamp rats themselves, are doing their soldierly best to obstruct the Trump agenda, to damage the Trump administration, and to ultimately bring down the sitting President of the United States. Back in the day, behavior of that sort was considered sedition and was dealt with harshly.

CNN, known more for its raging hatred of President Trump than being anything close to an objective and impartial news source, has hopped aboard the media bandwagon of so-called news outlets demanding that Judge Ellis unseal the identities and addresses of the jurors in the Paul Manafort circus case.

Judge Ellis has refused, fearing for the safety and security of the jurors, and rightly so. The judge, himself, has been threatened and is under the protection of US marshalls.

It is fortunate for Paul Manafort that Judge Ellis is handling this case. Were the case being presided over by a Trump-hating judge, which there seems to be no shortage of, then he could very easily be facing life in prison. And the really scary part is next time it could be YOU!

According to the UK Independent, “Judge TS Ellis has been receiving threats while preceding over the trial.
Mr (Judge) Ellis made the comment after dismissing a motion which asked to release information about the 12 jurors and four alternates, fearing for their safety.
The judge also said he is guarded by US Marshals, one of the federal law enforcement agencies within the US Department of Justice (what a joke).

Mr (Judge) Ellis said though he is ‘no stranger to criticism, this case has brought it to a new level.’

Rejecting the motion to disclose juror identities – filed by media outlets Associated Press, BuzzFeed News, the New York TimesWashington Post, NBC, and Politico – Mr (Judge) Ellis noted releasing the information made him uneasy because ‘to do so would create a risk of harm to them.'”