The greatest service Donald Trump has performed for his country is exposing the deep state, that network of career parasites feeding on its host, We the People.

So arrogant is the deep state that it believes it can not only openly defy the President of the United States, but overtly work to destroy him, not bothering to keep their efforts in the shadows, away from the prying eyes of the media, but rather to enlist the media in its war to remove a duly elected president.

America’s Central Intelligence Agency, our cloak and dagger spy organization, like the FBI, appears now to be more an enemy of the people than the people’s servant.

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There is a war coming. In fact, it is underway today. On one side is the deep state, at the center of which is the Democrat Party, surrounded by its corrupt confederates inside America’s intelligence community, other government agencies, and openly sycophantic personalities in the mainstream media. On the other side is Donald Trump, most (but not all) of the Republican Party, and We the People.

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How violent this war becomes is anyone’s guess, but I believe I know how it will turn out. The Democrat Party (as we know it today) will disappear, America’s intelligence apparatus will be torn down and rebuilt, the liberal lapdogs in the mainstream media will be discredited, shamed, and will also disappear, replaced by actual news-gathering organizations, Donald Trump will become a Rushmore-worthy national hero, and American politics will be rebooted. Gone forever will be the Democrat/socialists who have done so much damage to America since the Clintons came to Washington.