It has been revealed that the Chinese originally hacked Hitlery’s private server, receiving every single email she sent or received immediately upon transmission.

How stupid of the Wicked Witch of Benghazi to use an unsecure server!

Now, how do we get our hands on those emails? Mike Pompeo can respectfully request that the Chinese turn them over, and if denied, President Trump can make the request through President Xi. If Xi refuses, President Trump can play the tariff card, threatening an import tariff of say 50% on every single Chinese product received in the United States. Xi will be forced to turn over the emails or crush his own economy, which will implode without access to the US consumer market.

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Following is a fascinating audio clip of an interview by WMAL (Washington) of Congressman Louie Gohmert, one of my favorite members of Congress and a fellow Texan.

Gohmert has been aware of the Chinese intelligence apparatus hacking Hitlery’s private server and receiving every single one of her emails in real time.

He is also declaring that the testimony of Peter Strzok and actions by others in the FBI and DOJ amounts to obstruction of justice and should clearly be prosecuted as such by Jeff Sessions.

Also, the FBI KNEW Hitlery’s server had been hacked by the Chinese, who were receiving every single one of her emails, many of which are undoubtedly classified. What did they do about it? NOTHING! They couldn’t spoil Hitlrey’s coronation, you know, the one that was all but guaranteed but never happened.

Another interesting bit of information that Gohmert relayed is his belief that Sessions can’t be fired yet because that would make Rosenstein the acting AG and Mitch McConnell has said that there will be no confirmation of a new AG for the remainder of this congressional session, another two years.

I have a solution to that. President Trump should fire Sessions, then fire Rosenstein, and continue firing the treasonous swamp rats in DOJ until he has dug up a patriot. I don’t care if he has to fire the entire DOJ and the guy in the mailroom winds up being AG. Better a mailroom patriot than a career parasite traitor in the AG’s chair.

Gohmert’s interview starts at the 4:00 mark. From the 9:00 mark to 12:30 is commercial time, with the Gohmert interview resuming there at 12:30.