Foaming-at-the-mouth liberals are screaming that Manafort got off easy with 4 years in prison, even though his sentence is in keeping with precedence

Because liberals are partisan scum, trash of the most foul sort. These are the same people who excuse every apparent criminal act by the Clintons, Obama, and all other leftists. Anything short of Paul Manafort being skinned alive on national television is a travesty to these people

VIDEO: Prosecutors seeking 20 years disappointed as Paul Manafort is sentenced to 47 months in prison for tax and bank fraud. NO Russian collusion whatsoever!

Seeking a sentence of 20 to 25 years, virtually a life sentence, prosecutors were obviously disappointed in Judge T.S. Ellis’ sentence of the 69-year-old Manafort, who arrived at his sentencing in a wheelchair.

Russia calls the Manafort indictment “cooked up,” proven, they say, by a glaring mistake by Mueller and his incompetent gang of goons

Making America look like a nation of incompetents, Robert Mueller made a fundamental and horrific mistake in the Manafort indictment which could dismiss the entire legal proceeding.

FBI treated the Manaforts in a degrading manner during the raid on their home. “Agents felt up Mrs. Manafort lying in bed to see if she had guns”

Is this a case of Mueller’s swamp soldiers simply doing their jobs or treatment that should be illegal and prosecuted? If my wife was felt up while lying in bed by a dozen swamp goons breaking into our house and I had eyewitness testimony, I would certainly file a lawsuit.

The indictment of Paul Manafort proves 2 things: Robert Mueller is a complete fraud and we are now in the worst constitutional crisis since the Civil War

Robert Mueller has violated every word in our Constitution guaranteeing equal treatment under the law and fair and impartial justice. He is nothing less than a complete fraud, a partisan political hack masquerading as an independent investigator. 

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