Loaded gun found in Epstein jail during weeklong lockdown, sparking criminal probe into guard misconduct

Officials have been keeping inmates locked down in their cells without access to their lawyers and canceled all visitation at the jail, which houses about 700 inmates. In the past few days, officers have searched the facility and uncovered a sizable amount of contraband, including cellphones, narcotics and homemade weapons.

Jeffrey Epstein’s banker found dead, another “alleged” suicide by hanging. I wonder if he was also found on his knees with a loose rope around his neck

Not only do misfortunate souls associated with the Clintons suffer extremely short life spans, but people associated with people associated with the Clintons also seem to find their way prematurely to their great reward.

BREAKING! Britain’s Prince Andrew steps down from his royal duties due to his association with Jeffrey Epstein. Sounds like someone has the goods on the prince

The plot thickens in the Epstein case! Prince Andrew just resigned from his royal “public duties” due to his association with Jeffrey Epstein. Would the prince be stepping down if someone, somewhere didn’t have the goods on him? Not a chance! 

“Christmas ornaments, drywall and Jeffrey Epstein: name three things that don’t hang themselves.” Senator demands Epstein investigation

Thus far, the Epstein case stinks to high Heaven and makes the United States look no better than the most corrupt banana republic. Just remember, if this can happen to a high-profile billionaire, it would be very easy for it to happen to you or me. 

BOMBSHELL! “It’s time to raise the stakes:” James O’Keefe releases “secret video recordings” from an ABC “insider” in the “Epstein Coverup”

I am sure the execs at ABC are running a massive damage control campaign today for the network’s failure to air this story, which amounts to a coverup. But, why did ABC sit on this story? Who, and how many, are they protecting, and why?