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Gabriel Sherman provides interesting insight into the Fox/Trump feud, including Megyn Kelly may be leaving Fox to “go mainstream”

By Thomas Madison In an interview with Steve Malzberg, Gabriel Sherman of New York Magazine provided an insightful view of the Donald Trump/Fox News feud that has rocketed Trump to a commanding lead in the GOP presidential race, and has […]

Please sign the petition, if you haven’t already, prohibiting Megyn Kelly’s participation in any future Fox News GOP debates

By Thomas Madison The extreme left media thought that Fox News’ first debate performance was outstanding, which should tell you all you need to know about Fox News….THEY SUCK! Please sign the petition…. CLICK HERE….  Please let me know if you […]

Trump responds diplomatically to a question concerning Megyn Kelly’s sudden “vacation” and receives a full frontal assault from the Fox News slime factory

By Thomas Madison In a phone interview with Newsmax TV’s Steve Malzberg (video below), Donald Trump was asked (Trump did not bring the topic up, Malzberg did)  if Megyn Kelly’s sudden “vacation” had anything to do with the controversy surrounding […]

VIDEO: “I hate Republicans!” writes “tolerant” uber-liberal, career parasite, Democrat poster girl

She sure looks like a typical liberal Democrat woman. Ugly as three kinds of dog shit! She says she can’t see herself marrying a Republican. LOL! I guess she checked the mirror. From Fox: The University of Michigan is taking […]

LOL! Add this gem to the Fox News Blooper Hall of Fame. Megyn Kelly’s Huckabee “F” bomb

From Thomas Madison Even Mike Huckabee, known for his exceptional sense of humor, has a hard time not cracking up as Megyn Kelly struggles to recover. She must be hanging out with Shepard Smith. Shepard Smith’s classic J Lo blooper…. […]

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