John Brennan is a garden variety moron and a traitor. He should go to jail for a very long time for his participation in the seditious conspiracy to destroy a presidential candidate and depose a sitting president.

Brennan took to Twitter on Sunday in response to one of President Trump’s weekend tweets letting the swamp rats know that he is ordering DOJ to investigate the corruption within the Obama administration that led to the illegal Obama administration spying on the Trump campaign.

Warning Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan via Twitter that they will be held responsible if they do not stop President Trump, Brennan is begging for his life.

Swamp rat Brennan understands that he is in very serious trouble and is playing any angle he can find to prevent President Trump from keeping his promise to push DOJ to investigate the Obama administration for spying on his campaign.

Earlier Sunday, Brennan tweeted, “Any man can make mistakes, but only an idiot persists in his error,” an obvious reference to President Trump.

Twitter responded, informing Brennan that he is in very serious trouble.

Very good nearly four-year timeline of treason from Doug Ross…. A Timeline of Treason