Photo, above: Iranians protesting their totalitarian Muslim theocracy. As you can see from the photo, this is not a minor protest. This is a full-blown revolt!

If Barack Hussein wasn’t/isn’t a Muslim, you surely couldn’t tell it from his foreign policy which favored Muslims in every case, usually brutal Muslim regimes and Muslim terrorists.

During the 2009 revolt, during which many Iranian citizen protesters were killed, Hussein did NOTHING and ordered his CIA to do nothing to help the protesters, simply allowing the Iranian thug government to slaughter them wholesale.

Former CIA Station Chief Gary Bernsten says Obama’s stand down orders, from an intelligence perspective, were “stupidity, insanity!” (video, below), as he slams both Hussein and his CIA chief John Brennan, himself reported to be not only a Muslim appeaser, which he certainly is, but also a practicing Muslim.

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There is a new sheriff in town and no one could be happier than Bernsten, evident from his glowing praise of President Trump for his support of the Iranian protesters and opposition to the theocratic, brutal Iranian regime.

John Brennan is the former Director of the CIA, a Muslim apologist, and Barack Hussein puppet.

His primary occupation these days is Trump-hate, criticizing President Trump for every move he makes, especially those involving foreign relations.

As a Barack Hussein puppet, Brennan stood down in the Middle East, allowing hundreds of thousands of innocent people to die at the hands of terrorists and terrorist regimes.

Check out the twitter thread, below, which begins with Brennan’s criticism of President Trump’s foreign policy decisions regarding Iran, which Brennan labels as “bluster,” and continues with a stream of responses slamming Brennan. Brutal!

Also, check out Brennan’s twitter feed, dripping with hatred for President Trump.