It is said that “ignorance is bliss,” which is true. If you are standing on railroad tracks watching a speeding locomotive barrelling down the tracks toward you, and you are too stupid to understand what is about to happen, your last moments on this earth were blissfully ignorant.

Liberalism is much the same. Only the ignorant become liberals. For example, they are unable to connect the dots between socialism and the misery it has always caused and always will. They actually believe that stealing from producers to give to non-producers is a viable form of government. They have absolutely no “big picture” ability. In a word, they are “stupid.”

Case in point: The replies to a tweet by President Trump, below, are so filled with simple ignorance, I hardly knew where to begin responding.

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I am a follower of that Donald Trump guy, whose tweets automatically show up on my Twitter page. I saw the one, below, then the multitude of brain-dead, liberal weenie replies and I was struck by the FACT that we conservatives are shadow-banned by Twitter and most of the replies you see to President Trump’s tweets are by liberal waste products. I have been shadow-banned by Twitter for several years. I estimate that maybe one reader in 100 actually sees my tweets. However, liberal tweets are never shadow-banned.

How did this patriot get in here?….