Now I see where Kathy Griffin got her schtick.

Joy Behar is a foul-mouthed, unfunny, liberal waste of human flesh. She is a renowned Trump-hater, hater of conservatives, Christians, and patriots.

Behar’s most recent public Trump hatefest was appearing with Bill Maher and Van Jones on Maher’s HBO program “Real Time with Bill Maher” to discuss, of course, how awful President Trump is and how stupid We the People who voted for him are.

It is Behar’s (and Maher’s) opinion that the biggest problem with liberal weenie Democrats is that they are too nice. Really, she said this with a straight face.

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Accusing Jones of also being too nice, she aimed her foul mouth at him: “He wants the kumbaya. Fuck the kumbaya!” Behar told Maher about Jones, a former advisor to Barack Hussein, or “Brokeback Obama,” as I recently heard someone call him.

“These people on that side are crazy,” she continued, counseling Jones. “Don’t you understand? They’re crazy! You don’t deal with white supremacists.”

Behar told Jones that it is time for liberal weenie Democrats to “go right for the jugular.”

“When they go low we should go lower,” Behar and Maher agreed, to the delight of the audience.

Behar was on Maher’s show to plug her newest Trump-hate book, The Great Gasbag,  which she said she only allows liberal weenies to purchase.

“I wrote it for anti-Trumpers,” Behar declared. “If you are a Trump supporter, don’t buy the book. I forbid you to buy the book.”