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A female concertgoer in New Zealand decided to take the twins out for a walk (she went topless). A young male sees this as an invitation and grabs the woman’s right breast from behind. The woman and her friend proceed to pummel the guy and throw a drink in his face.

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Move along… there’s nothing to see here. That’s what a young woman walking around with bare breasts smeared with glitter wanted everyone to believe after video of her went viral on the internet.

The video became a particular fascinating because it shows American-born Madeline Anello-Kitzmiller being grabbed by the breast from behind by a male concert goer. Anello-Kitzmiller was celebrating New Years with her friend Kiri-Ann Hatfield at New Zealand’s Rhythm & Vines festival when the incident happened.

Immediately after Kitzmiller was grabbed, she and her friend charged the young man and began beating him with their fists before storming off. The video went viral and has become a lightening rod of controversy, with people taking sides on whether or not the women were justified in their reaction.

Kitzmiller, says she has no regrets about giving the young man some solid wallups.

“I stand by my actions and hope that I’ve inspired women to feel comfortable in their bodies, no matter how they look, and to stick up for themselves when anybody says otherwise or tries to deny you the right to protect your own body,” she told Daily Mail Australia.

“He grabbed my breast. I hit him. There was a lot of built up anger coming from harassment throughout the day. This happens everywhere, not just New Zealand.”

The two young woman said they had their breasts painted at a festival stall and were outraged that anyone would think it was an invitation for abuse, the Mail reported.

The festival’s Instagram page did indeed include a post promoting the breast painting:

While Kitmiller’s breast paint doesn’t appear to be unique for this event, she told the Mail that she was harassed by both men and women the day before for wearing a sheer top. But, neither the previous day’s comments nor the man’s grope was going to stop her from keep going topless.

“In the end, we are all born naked, and each human is uniquely similar to the next in that we all have a naked body. You don’t look at yourself in the shower and say ‘ew, disgusting’ right?” she said.

“So why should anybody say that to anybody else? A human’s body is their own, and nobody has a right to touch you without your consent, regardless of what they’re wearing or the lack thereof.”

While she has a point about the man inexcusably grabbing her breast she seemed to be willfully ignorant about the negative reaction she was apparently getting across the board. Perhaps it was a sign that many people didn’t appreciate her flamboyant narcissism.

As social media users continued to argue about who was more in-the-wrong, Kitzmiller’s boyfriend defended her violent reaction by saying the world needs more love.

‘What the f*** happened to treating people with love and respect?” he wrote on Facebook according to the Mail. “I’m so disappointed that people are still so ignorant here.’

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