By Madame Defarge

For too long we slept.

For many decades the middle class has been too busy working and trying to survive to observe the sliding structures of our society. We very naively assumed our civil foundation and government were at least honest enough to provide safe streets and clean water. Now the curtains have been pulled aside and stark truths are visible for all to see.

We had a coup attempt by our federal law enforcement agencies. They were not content just to steal and sell indulgences but had to attempt an overthrow of our system. The question becomes, are there enough honest members of the government to bring these malefactors to justice?

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We know the answer, of course not.

It has been our fault for following the glittering ball of politics instead of watching behind the curtain. There have always been thieves in government but since the socialists began to abscond with the wealth of the middle class, the amounts became staggering instead of ignorable.

The last stages of the control equation began with the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank in 1913. Since then the trajectory of our debts has risen astronomically. As the fruit of our labor is siphoned off to the anointed ones’ pockets, a corresponding decline in our political power resulted. The financial elite used our funds to purchase the votes of our own representatives.

Can you name your own congressman? I am sure you could not if they were not a congressman. They would probably be a small town player and simpleton. The money of a few acquaintances vaulted him into the big league graft games. Doing favors for their friends begins the road to pillaging the immense wealth of the public purse.

If you examine the finances of Rep. Elijah Cummings of Baltimore and his wife you will find millions of funds transferred to their accounts. The sad thing is that he is quite ordinary in DC. Look at Dirty Harry Reid and his son Rory. Millions and millions. Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell are more of the same.

Imagine your representative writing a law on trade or taxes. That is rather amusing. He, of course, waits to be told what to do by his lobbyist controllers. They have contributed heavily to his campaigns and this makes him an employee instead of your representative.

We have now arrived at the precipice of a disaster because of the unaccountable greed of these financiers. The financial world is very interdependent and a pinprick anywhere could topple this house of cards. Unfortunately, bankers and lawyers are greedy and cannot muster any thought beyond a financial report. If the situation cannot be edited down to a few lines on a balance or charge sheet, it is beyond their ability to assimilate the predicament. The bureaucrats are even slower. They require an explicit instruction to survive.

Consequently, very few ideas will evolve to address the dire situation created over the past 80 years. The problems are the payoffs to the voters that keep the status quo marching forward. Very few innovations have occurred in government policy during our history. The major programs starting 100 years ago still exist and their detrimental effects still drag us towards the ditch on a daily basis. I cannot recall one government policy that has actually succeeded as was advertised by our government or intellectual elite. They have however succeeded in providing funds for our betters in New York on Wall Street and their servants in Congress.

Unfortunately, as the citizen loses financially he also loses his political clout. This is the source of our current difficulty in our political situation. The only defense left is our Second Amendment.

Consequently, the shrieking has reached hundreds of decibels regarding a further dilution of its’ efficacy. It is necessary to divide to keep the masses in line. As discussed on a previous sheet, any excuse to elevate the alleged downtrodden must be highlighted to create the illusion of a mass movement. This is the attempt to intimidate ordinary people to remain on the sidelines on voting day. It also has made our political industry a full-time affair using the tv networks as a financial crutch and a propaganda source.

Now, these malefactors of our nobility are on the verge of total political control of our country. Unfortunately for these municipally bound puppeteers, their own experience in providing actual worth for their own survival is minimal.

The USA is the only source of freedom on the planet and we are under siege. We have lost our way politically from the elegant parchment acknowledging our freedoms which means a loss of control of our lives. The next 18 months will determine the fate of this experimental republic.

The Madame