Barack Hussein is receiving his last Christmas gift from Congress, a no-fly zone over Syria. Here is how Trump and Putin can counter it and end the war

A late-game maneuver by Congress to install a no-fly zone over Syria is making the rounds on Capitol Hill and appears to be heading for a quick passage.

As Turkey quietly invades Syria, the major players sharpen their swords. I’m not sure where Armageddon is, but I believe you can see it from here

Turkey’s invasion of its sovereign neighbor, Syria, further complicates an already mind-numbingly complicated Middle East.

VIDEO: Wow! This is HUGE! The Pentagon just announced that it will shoot down Russian aircraft flying over Syria, where they have every right to fly and have presented no threat to US forces.

This is stupid, this is dangerous, and this is textbook Barack Hussein. He should be removed from office immediately. Let Biden run the country for a few months.