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VIDEO: LOL! Really? A German Muslim wannabe biker gang/rap group/clown show tells Germany, “We’re coming to take over the entire country.”

By Thomas Madison Alrighty then! Talk about mixing cultures. How about a German Muslim wannabe biker gang/rap group? That is as messed up as a football bat! These badass wannabes suck at rap. But they sure are are into themselves, […]

Sweden has committed cultural suicide, admitting unlimited numbers of Muslims. Norway is taking steps to avoid making the same mistake

By Thomas Madison Sweden has committed cultural suicide, possibly economic and national suicide. And they did it willingly, believing in the better nature of all human beings. Is there any surprise that they are shocked by the results of their […]

Three-year old boy brutally gang-raped at a Norwegian Muslim refugee center, where 800 asylum seekers are residing

By Thomas Madison The madness continues in Europe, especially Scandinavia, involving the problems with Muslim immigration. While some of the Muslim “refugees” are legitimately seeking a better life, running from a savage war in their home countries, many others are […]

Superwoman lives! Watch this female store clerk clobber Muslim refugee shoplifters. I don’t know who she is, but I want her on my team!

Thomas Madison Just WOW! This is one tough chick! Watch this female store clerk in Finland brawl with scumbag Muslim refugees who are shoplifting. She wrestles the stolen merchandise away from one, who runs away as fast as he can. […]

South Carolinians sue Gov Haley for importing Muslims. Some scream about Obama’s plan to import 60K. From 2009-2013 he imported 680K!

Photo, above: Nimrata Randhawa (Nikki Haley), with her parents By Thomas Madison Nimrata Randhawa, better known as Nikki Haley, governor of South Carolina, well-known hater of southern heritage, who banned the symbol of southern pride from public display, is now […]

Swedes revolt against the open-door Muslim immigration policy. They have burnt 17 refugee centers to the ground.

Photo, above: Arson: The tension in Tärnsjö, Sweden between local citizens and Muslim refugees is off the charts. Across Sweden, buildings which are earmarked to house asylum seekers are being set fire to at an alarming rate By Thomas Madison I originally […]

Gang of Muslims invades Russian night club, proceed to grope and molest Russian women. Group of Russian men send the Muslims to the hospital

By Thomas Madison Some things very familiar to Americans are completely foreign to Russians. Take political correctness, for example. Russians can’t begin to comprehend the concept. It has no place in Russian society, thus they don’t know it or understand […]

VIDEO: Passionate oratory from a Swiss Member of Parliament on the Muslim invasion of Europe

By Thomas Madison Swiss member of Parliament Oskar Freysinger, laying down some truth. I reckon America is not exactly ready for this sort of protest speech, not from our politicians anyway, only from the guy dominating the news, who although […]

VIDEO: Sweden will be the first European domino to fall to Islam. Watch the second video to see how one Swede feels about the multicultural mess

By Thomas Madison Among the most insightful European reporters I follow is Pat Condell. He sees it as it is and he reports it as it is, the Donald Trump of the UK. There is one European country that has […]

Krauts are on the warpath over Muslim immigration. Protesters hang Merkel and deputy in effigy for genocide against the German people

By Thomas Madison PEGIDA is a German anti-Muslim organization which is very vocal in their opposition to Angela Merkel’s Muslim immigration policy. She has opened the gates and so over a million Muslims have rushed in with more arriving daily. […]

VIDEO: This is what open borders gets you! Watch as a Muslim horde drags screaming woman into the subway in Germany

By Thomas Madison We have to be tolerant and welcoming and multicultural, they said. Let’s open the gates for our Muslim brothers and sisters, they said. It will be great, they said. Except it isn’t! Watch this terrifying video of […]

Breaking: Philly cop ambushed by Muslim with stolen gun, shot 3 times. Muslim shot and caught, confessed he did it “in the name of Islam”

By Thomas Madison More love and tolerance from the religion of peace! A Philadelphia police officer was ambushed by a Muslim gunman, who fired thirteen shots into the officer’s patrol car, hitting him three times. The officer, Jesse Hartnett, who […]

VIDEO: Muslim invasion. This is not a fictional horror flick, folks. This is the real-life horror Europeans are living with every day now

By Thomas Madison The poor citizens of Europe are living a nightmare. The bleeding-heart liberals they have elected have opened the gates, and Islam is moving in. In the name of multiculturalism and political correctness Europe is being overrun. Because […]

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