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“FAKE NEWS!” The new Democrat war on the right-leaning blogosphere and Zuckerberg’s effort to shut it down. Guess who he is trusting to identify fake news? Unbelievable!

Welcome to Powdered Wig Society, your trusted source for fake news, aka news liberals don’t want you to hear. There is clearly a new war underway coming from the left against what they are calling “fake news,” which is news […]

VIDEO: Liberal journalist gets punked into publishing a bogus story because she wanted it so badly to be true that Trump supporters are racists

Photo, above: The Lock Ness monster, Michelle Obama, and a Klansman, all Trump supporters? Could it be true?

“Fake news,” the new liberal faux boogeyman. How does The Washington Post deal with it? By publishing actual fake news, of course

“FAKE NEWS!” This is the noise issuing from the liberal Democrat echo chamber and its loyal mainstream media mouthpieces, one of which, The Washington Post, has really stepped in it.

“Fake news” is all the liberal rage now. WaPo put out a list of fake news sites and Powdered Wig is not included. Dammit! We shall endeavor to try harder

The Washington Compost has put out a list of “fake news” sites and Powdered Wig is not included. What the hell do we have to do? We endeavor daily to piss off as many liberals as we can.

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