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Project Veritas’ second undercover video, exposing CNN as the Queen of Fake News, featuring Van Jones: “The Russia thing is just a big nothing burger”

I believe that no one could remain loyal to a television news network that has been exposed as an organization that will lie right to the faces of its viewers for the sake of ratings.

CNN is claiming that the O’Keefe exposé is the personal opinion of an employee. No, it isn’t, CNN. The employee was quoting CNN chief Jeff Zucker.

CNN is claiming that the Project Veritas exposé is the personal opinion of a company employee. No, it isn’t, CNN. The employee was quoting head of CNN Jeff Zucker.

James O’Keefe has vindicated President Trump. The Russian fairy tale is finally OVER!

I have to admit it was entertaining watching liberal weenies go into convulsions over the Russia/Trump fairy tale. They had to believe. It was the party line. It was all they had.

VIDEO: Sarah Huckabee Sanders blasts the fake news media right to its face over the O’Keefe CNN video we published this morning

Sarah Huckabee Sanders was taking no prisoners this morning during the White House press conference when a reporter in the audience asked about the charge that CNN is fake news.

Hidden camera video of CNN admitting the Russia/Trump fable is fake news, but they continue to broadcast it 24/7 for ratings

Patriot James O’Keefe of Project Veritas is doing a stellar job exposing the left as the corrupt, bullsh!t machine it is. In this, the first video in a series on fake news, O’Keefe goes after CNN.

VIDEO: Cable Fake News Network (CFNN), aka CNN, stages fake Muslim news event in London

CNN doesn’t report news, they manufacture it. They believe news is much more interesting if they prepare it for you the way they like it and jam it down your throat with a big stick. Yum, right?

VIDEO: Hilarious! Putin slams CBS fake news artist for stupid question

“Now, why don’t you come out onto the ice with me and I will body check your miserable fake news ass into next week.”

Hilarious video! Watch what this guy’s TV does when he commands it to “turn to fake news”

CNN has been outed as the true purveyor of fake news, a term that originated with Barack Hussein, who attempted to use it to paint the right wing blogosphere as illegitimate. But it backfired!

VIDEO: Sidney Blumenthal and MSM clowns are all outraged over a racist commercial they say Fred Trump ran in the 70s. The only problem is it is a lie, fake news!

More fake news from the greatest purveyors of fake news on the planet, the liberal assclowns in the Democrat Party, and their official communications bureau, the mainstream media.

Chelsea Clinton has a new job: FAKE NEWS! Busted by leftist site Snopes twice in two days for tweeting fake news

Busted twice in two days by leftist fact-checker Snopes, Chelsea can’t get away with the stuff Mom and Pop used to get away with.

FAKE NEWS ALERT! Reuters declares that the Quebec mosque killers were “white supremacists.” I guess they forgot about or ignored the killers shouting “Allahu akbar”

When Barack Hussein and other leftists began slamming internet publishers like Powdered Wig as “fake news,” I’m sure they didn’t envision their crusade to kill the conservative blogosphere blowing up in their faces like so many prank cigars.

Fake news alert! The Hill and The Sunday Times publish story on Trump and Putin meeting in Iceland. The only problem? It isn’t true!

The Sunday Times of Britain published the following story regarding President Trump meeting with Vladimir Putin early in his administration…. “Donald Trump is planning to hold a summit with Vladimir Putin within weeks of becoming president — emulating Ronald Reagan’s […]

VIDEO: The Washington Fake News Post is caught again lying about President-elect Donald Trump

With the assistance of the Commanding General of the Washington, DC National Guard, The Washington Fake News Post has published another barefaced lie regarding President-elect Donald Trump.

VIDEO: Cybersecurity expert John McAfee explains that Russia definitely did NOT hack our election

If there is a single person on the planet who is convinced that the Russians hacked our election, I would like to meet them and get a few pictures of the world’s most hopeless moron.

‘Someone else done it!’ The Washington Post says it cannot “vouch for the validity” of its fake news source. Then bankrupt the rag and close your doors!

The Washington Post, a totally discredited partisan liberal rag, is explaining away its fake news that 200 websites, nearly all conservative blogs, were publishing Russian propaganda.

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